Saturday, May 12, 2012


I feel good! I feel like I've got some people who actually want to read my blog. Please feel free to request that I write something on a certain topic because I want to do stuff that interests you but chose something that I like and would be capable to do. And please comment on my posts because I need some criticize because then i won't get better.

P.S If you follow my blog please comment on this so I can know how many of you people. And also say what you like out of the things I like so I would comment "I'm Rachel And I like Glee, Starkid, Ellen, playing netball, going to scouts, not getting to do cross-country, Alex Day, Charlie Mcdonal, Kristina I don't know her last,Music And Being ME!!!!!!!!!!"

P.P.S I don't like one direction, Recce mastian or any of those people who think there so popular But I do like Sophia grace and Rosie!

P.P.S if you don't know who Alex, Charlie and Kristina are here are some links to them.    <----------  that one is alex.  <-- that one is charlie  <------  that one is Kristina

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