Friday, November 30, 2012


I started writing a novel and think you guys should read it so here is a taster.

Back cover

I have nowhere to go. This is my only place. 3 months ago my parents split up ever since then everything’s gone wrong.


My parents were fighting all the time I didn’t care though ‘cos they were fighting over and who would get me. I didn’t realize it was about when they split up because their proper fights were in whisper form late at night when I was asleep. When they finally split up I had to go with my mum I hated it. She started dating and I hated all the people. She started dating a teacher of mine I then I left I went to my dad’s had to explain to him everything. That didn’t work his new wife hated me. He then arranged for me to get a ride with a friend’s child of his to my grandparents. He knew I wouldn’t drive so he got the guy to. My worst nightmare started about then. I had never met him then it dawned on me it was his wife’s child.

so chapter 1 will be coming as soon as I write it.

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