Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catch up

So like always I have forgotten I have this. If there Are any of you Then Can you please help me? I was wondering weather or not i should make a you tube It has been a big influence on my life with all the amazing and inspiring you tubers So I thought I could give back to the you tube community. The other thing I would like to ask you is do you like me Posting my things from polyvore onto here? Because I forget that it does that.

So now For the catch up on my life. I have been at school. And when i am at home i am either Watching you tube Videos or Doing Homework (Wait What I don't Do homework). So I have been a bus child doing things. I have been Playing hockey and netball but I think my life will free up a little bit now that that is all over nearly. I'll Try and make this as Interesting as possible maybe I'll do a few outfits of the day when i am not in uniform.

Adios Rachel

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